Hi, I'm Rebecca, founder of Catford Pilates. I work with people who are looking for personalised, effective movement classes that will help them stand tall, move with ease and feel strong. My clients are people who want to:

  • address niggling aches, back pain, poor posture or joint stiffness
  • stay fit and active as they age
  • feel more confident getting back into movement and exercise
  • prevent injury and improve sports performance
  • deepen and develop their Pilates practice.

How I can help

1-2-1 and private classes

  • You want some focused support to help you achieve your goals.
  • Your physio/ osteopath/ chiropractor recommended you do Pilates

  • You need a tailored class to suit your needs with a programme of exercises to do at home

  • You want to feel more confident getting back into movement

Equipment classes

  • You need a tailored class to suit your needs

  • You want to challenge yourself and advance your Pilates practice

  • You prefer working with the reformer and studio equipment

  • You're happy to share your session with one other person.


Matwork Classes

  • You're looking for a friendly, inclusive group class

  • You prefer smaller class sizes 

  • You want to improve your strength and flexibility

  • You're  interested in a mindful approach to movement.


Getting started

  • Still not sure which class is right for you?

  • Want some dedicated time to talk about you and your goals?

  • Have an injury/condition that affects your movement.

Contact me to arrange a free phone consultation or to book a £20 introductory 1-2-1 session. During this one hour session we will:

  • Discuss your personal goals and what you would like to achieve with Pilates
  • Cover basic Pilates positioning, alignment and exercises
  • Assess your posture and how you are moving.
Get in touch to book or find out more

About me

I decided to train as a teacher after experiencing first hand the difference that Pilates can make. Find out more about my story and what my clients say.


Photos of Rebecca by Portrayed Photography