Good advice from a client

This month I’m sharing some words of wisdom from one of my lovely clients. Why? Because she’s taught me a lot in the time that we’ve been working together.

Every week she proves that having a positive attitude can make a big difference - always willing to try a new approach and put in the work to achieve her goals - she reminds me how important it is to keep going even when the going gets tough.

And no matter what your age or fitness level the same principle applies - we can all keep feeling as good as possible for as long as possible by staying active.  As she puts it: “age is just a number”. Here she talks about her Pilates experience:

Why did you decide to start taking Pilates classes?

A GP at my practice suggested I try Pilates for my sciatica pain and general wellbeing, as I also suffer from arthritis in both knees and thumb joints. 

When did you start Pilates?

I had my first 121 session with Rebecca in November 2017. 

Why did you decide to start with some 121 sessions?

Because of my aches and pains and dodgy knees I thought it would be wise to get some professional one to one guidance and advice before taking on Pilates as a general exercise routine.

Have you found that Pilates has made a difference to you?

Yes, I have. My sciatica pain has almost disappeared. My shoulders are not as tense and painful as they used to be. After every session I feel lighter. 

Have you found the homework exercises useful?

Most definitely, because during the sessions even though we work with various pieces of Pilates equipment, the homework exercises help in keeping up the routine of the breathing and floor exercises we do in a class. 

What advice would you give to anyone else thinking of starting Pilates?

I would say, definitely give it a try, you will only gain from it. Don’t expect miracles overnight. If you persevere you will reap rewards. Remember: “slow and steady wins the race!”

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