Terms and conditions


  • all sessions and classes are paid in advance by bank transfer or via the online booking system.
  • bank transfer payment is due no later than 24 hours in advance for 1-2-1 or private group sessions.
  • online booking for matwork classes is available up to 1 hour before the start of each class.


Client cancellation

  • if there is space available you can change your booking date and time - so long as you do this at least 24 hours in advance
  • cancellations less than 24 hours in advance will be charged at full price
  • classes must be redeemed within the advertised period – for example group matwork classes booked within a 6-week period must be redeemed within that period. It is not possible to ‘carry over’ any classes.
  • all bookings are non-transferable and non-refundable with the exception of serious accident or injury, OR a change in your status requiring medical sign off for exercise (e.g pregnancy) - if this applies to you contact hello@catfordpilates.co.uk or call on 07786 072 337 so we can discuss you individual circumstances.
  • if sessions or classes are transferred due to serious accident or injury these must be redeemed within six months, after which time they will expire and no refunds will be given.

Online booking and payment

  • where online booking is available you are responsible for managing your own bookings online – for example changing to another class if you are unwell or unable to attend a pre-booked session
  • you accept that if you do not change a pre-booked session or class at least 24 hours in advance you will automatically be charged for that session.

Teacher cancellation

  • if a teacher or venue is unavailable and class is cancelled, your booking will be transferred to the next available session or timetabled class.  You will be able to change your transferred class so long as you do so at least 24 hours in advance. Refunds will only be given if it is not possible to transfer your class to another time - contact hello@catfordpilates.co.uk if this applies to you.
  • on occasion classes may be taught by a substitute teacher if the usual teacher is absent, but you accept that it may not always be possible to provide a substitute teacher
  • every effort will be made to let you know in advance if a venue or teacher is unavailable, but you accept that this may not always be possible.

Before coming to class

  • you agree to complete a Physical Activity Questionnaire before attending group or individual sessions
  • you agree that if you are in any doubt about your medical status and/or ability to participate in a movement exercise session, you will check with your doctor before booking.
  • you also agree to notify your teacher if your health status changes in the future.

During class

  • you agree to take responsibility for your own body during class, to stop exercising if you need to and/or if you experience pain
  • you accept that any client who is unsuitably dressed, or whose behavior is disruptive or abusive, will be asked to leave the premises immediately
  • you understand that your teacher may offer you professional advice relating to your ability to exercise and may consider it unprofessional to continue teaching you if you do not follow that advice
  • you understand that you are participating in a movement class that may require hands on teaching and instruction and you will inform the teacher if this is something you are not comfortable with
  • you agree that Catford Pilates cannot accept liability for loss or damage to your personal property at any venue or location where classes and sessions are delivered.

Prices and offers

  • current prices and offers are advertised on www.catfordpilates.co.uk
  • prices, packages and deals can be withdrawn or changed at any time
  • any offers or packages purchased before changes are made will be honoured with the original terms of the offer.