What to expect

How will I feel after Pilates?

That depends, we’re all different and everyone comes to Pilates with different levels of fitness and experience. But to give you an idea, here’s what some clients have said:

“I can feel that my body has been working”

“The next day I felt muscles that I didn’t know I had”

“I felt my whole body had been stretched”

“I really enjoyed the class”

“I felt welcome and encouraged”

"My spine feels amazing"

If you’re new to Pilates you may feel some of the benefits right away, others will come with time as regular practice builds your strength and coordination.

Remember, you’ll be learning a new skill and a new way of moving so it will take some practice. If in doubt – just breathe out! And keep moving.

What classes do you offer?

I teach 1-2-1 sessions, private group sessions and matwork classes. There’s more information on each option available on this website. 

I haven’t done Pilates before, can I come to class? 

How do I know which class is right for me?

That depends on what you want to achieve, your fitness levels and whether or not you have specific movement issues or physical imbalances to address. 

For many people a group class is a great way to start experiencing the benefits of Pilates, for others a 1-2-1 session may be more appropriate.

If in doubt ask - please do get in touch so we can discuss what's most appropriate for you. 

Please note that if you have a health condition or are returning to exercise after illness or injury you may need to get medical clearance before coming to class.

Will I get a stronger core?

Pilates exercises target the deep stabilising muscles that support the spine and that includes abdominal muscles. But the focus isn't on getting a ‘six pack’ – Pilates works on whole body strength, flexibility and function.

Will I lose weight?

Although you can expect to work hard in class, Pilates alone won't help you lose weight. The NHS has guidelines on healthy body weight as well as diet and exercise plans for how to reach a healthy weight. 

What should I wear?

Wear something comfortable that you can move in easily as well as ankle socks or similar.

Do I need to bring anything?

It’s a good idea to bring some water with you, especially during the summer. But other than that you don’t need to bring anything, all equipment is provided.

Is Pilates a mindful practice?

Mindfulness in Pilates comes from focusing on your breath and noticing what is happening in your body. Your brain will be busy during class focusing coordinating breath and movement so you won’t have time to think about anything else!

"Above all else, learn to breathe correctly." Joseph Pilates